Thursday, June 08, 2006
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
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With Waheguruj's Kirpa, For the first time I am using my new camera for this blog. I hope I will not use it not for my personnel gain but for praises of Waheguruji, My 11 Gurus ji ete....
I wish to Thank Veer Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa ji for his information about this blog. It seems we were in the same boat about former blog. He is genius but I am not. I am JACK OF ALL TRADES & MASTER OF NONE, I usually go through trial and error to gain my knowledge. This is my first simple statement today hope I will able to write more sooner. There has been some changes which started from today 9.6.2006 Friday. There was a delay due I had no proper Camera, Since I have a new camera - Pentax, hope I will be able to snap photo properly. Thank You

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Since I left school about 35 years ago, I have not written an essay. So with Akal purkah' s kirpa, I am writing this short essay for the first time, as to gauge my capablities. Hope someone could comment on it.

The first blog I ever read was from Veer Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa's "Mr. SikhNet " and until today whenever I switch on my computer I would see his blog for new stories, then see other sections. Some times it is versi visa. At times I see Miri Piri Academy and Bhen Snatam Kaur Khalsaji 's Blog.

I find Veerji is open minded, helpful, an good advicer and etc. In a later blog, I would write in detail with references.

I met him in my country Malaysia, I find him to be a humble and friendly person, and could go along with anyone.

This much I am written for now. This to check how my blog look like. I hope some could give an advice on how to improve my blog.

Thank you Harpal Singh
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